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Powering the Polkadot network


Web3Go is the very first project that focuses on providing data services related to Polkadot parachain projects. 

We believe that data in the Polkadot ecosystem is a great driving force for constructing on-chain identities and building user-oriented facilities in Web3. As the Polkadot ecosystem continues to grow and accumulates more data, a powerful, community-oriented data platform must be built to cater this need.

Use Cases

  • Fundraising analysis of crowdloan campaigns and detailed lists of all staking contributions for each campaign

  • Identify contributors in the Kusama parachain slot auctions and enrich users’ identity library

Kusama Crowdloan 


Moonriver Staking

  • Rank collators with the highest rewards or reward-stake-ratio to compare different staking activities in the Moonriver network

  • Enable estimation of staking reward and simulation of the optimal staking strategy

  • A system-level overview of all CDP positions and total debts, increasing information flow among all stakers

  • In real-time monitor the security level of the Karura lending module and render corresponding risk-ruducing approaches

Karura Staking


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Computer Monitor


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Technical Infrastracture

An indexer extracts data from different blockchains and saves the data in the database in a formatted, persisted manner.

Data indexer

Substrate Contracts

Using smart contracts on the Substrate nodes, users may request, publish, share and reward data analytics activities on Web3Go.

The Data Query Module provides a user interface for data analysts to query, extract, curate data and generate data boards.

Query Module

Addresses are assigned different labels based on their on-chain activities. The labeled dataset is useful in signaling what is happening on the blockchain. 

Labeling system

Users may subscribe to a specific data board to get notifications of update from this data board.

Kanban Subscription

Our mission

Web3Go is to restructure the way data analysis is produced by providing powerful yet easy-to-use data toolsets.

Entrusting centralized institutions to proceed data is to give too much power to too few hands.


We aim to make data accessible and comprehensible for everyone. In Web3Go, we index multiple blockchain data and proceed them to a formatted and persisted manner so that users can conveniently translate data into cool visualizations, and as such, tell their stories. 

Web3Go creates a collaborative dynamic where data professionals and scientists are patronized for their work and data demanders have their needs fulfilled through working in a community setting.